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I am a freelance artist and Illustrator based North Oxfordshire. My visual interpretations are conveyed through a graphic style in which I combine several different media such as screen printing, ink washes, stencils and acrylic paints. I enjoy every aspect of creating artwork. My inspiration comes to me in many ways, either a story, a view or just shapes and patterns that give me an idea.

Since I have graduated from De Montfort University in Illustration I have branch off in different ways of being creative, trying out new themes and techniques. There is so much creative choice with what as artist can do. I really love to experiment and finding new ways to interpret and express an idea. I enjoy the surprise element as a piece of work comes together well, this is often unexpected and so gratifying. It all the hard work seems worth it.


My work is extremely varied to illustrating stories such as 'The Ugly Duckling' to painting 'Lilies' or 'Poppies Field' or 'The Road to the Moon' to creating a series of the 'Cheeky Chickens' which are lighthearted and wacky with a touch of humour. I have exhibited mainly in the North Oxfordshire area these past years but I would like to go further afield.

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