My love for art has spanned my entire lifetime, with some of my earliest memories involving plain white piece of A4 paper and a few crayons. The joy such simple things can bring is something I've tried to hold onto throughout my career as an artist. 

I love to experiment and explore different media and over the years of creativity my work has evolved through a number of different 'styles', with series of pure screen printing in their entirety, to acrylic, watercolour and one of my favourites, stencilling. But this year has been amazing for my creative journey. 

Thew Heseltine Gallery receiving a award

But the icing on the cake was when I entered the work in the Open Exhibition at Heseltine Gallery in Middleton Cheney last November. On the day of the opening to the public it was announced that I had received an ‘Highly Commended Award’ among the many talented artists who were exhibiting as well. This was such a complete surprise for me and such an honour too, to receive this esteemed award from this prestigious gallery was amazing. If that wasn’t enough icing on the cake, I was approached by a gallery owner who wanted to show my working the gallery and on-line. 

So, the end of last year was such an amazing win for me. ​

North Oxfordshire Artweeks May 21st - 29th 

Open Studios 

I will be exhibiting with seven amazingly talented artists in the church at King’s Sutton who are Jackie Bradley, Nadia Birkbeck, Rosie Burk, Rachel Cronin, Jane Griffiths, Freya Ureta and David Woollard. 

Please click on the Artweeks icon below to see all the talented artist.

© Sarah B Smith. 

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    I like to use my instincts and intuition to explore colours and mark making. I enjoy the journey that the artwork takes as a piece of work comes together well, sometimes in the most unexpected way. I do believe there is always new ways to interpret and express an idea. It is the journey of exploration and experimentation that gives me joy in creating. I will never grow tired of this as long  as I follow my creative  intuitions. 

    Last year was such a huge milestone for me. It’s been amazing that so many positive things have happened for me. I signed up last summer to do an on-line course that changed my art and concept radically. As the course came to an end, I decided to do a series of new work using only a limited colour palette and my intuition.

    That is the title of the new series, ‘INTUITION’. They have proven to be successful, and I’ve sold a few at several exhibition last year.